Financial Consulting Services


We don’t have cookie cutter solutions. Every company is in a different stage, with unique historical and forecasted financials. We understand that every assignment has its own requirements, and every client has their own expectations.

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Financial Due Diligence

A deal, transaction, or investment may seem great at first glance. Yet, there are many layers of information that need to be analyzed and validated to understand the real upside potential, risks, opportunities, and value. Finro has performed due diligence for private equity funds, venture capital funds, hedge funds, angels and family offices on many different types of tech companies.  

Financial Modeling & Forecasting

We understand that raising funds for a startup is an exhausting process. It involves a business plan, financial model, valuation estimate, and various financial projections. We offer top notch forecasting and modeling services that provide best-in-class outcomes. Our process allows the founders and managers to save time, effort, and resources, so they can focus on building their business.  

Financial Analysis Services

We often receive requests from clients for projects that don't fall into the above categories. These might include a sales forecast model, competitive analysis report, expenses analysis, budget creation, obtaining financials of private startups, even summarizing and analyzing an earnings conference call. These are usually one-off projects that are smaller in scope. However, we treat these projects as an opportunity to introduce Finro to a new client that will spread the word and hopefully return in the future. We welcome all types of financial-related projects where Finro can bring real added-value.

IPO / Pre-IPO Analysis Services

Often, there’s a lack of publicly available information and little media coverage (if any) in the IPO and pre-IPO market. We dig deep and we know where to look. Over the years Finro has analyzed dozens of Pre-IPO and IPO opportunities around the world for potential investors and startups looking to raise funds.  Clients benefit from our strong expertise in this area.


Valuating a young tech company with little or no revenue can be a challenging task. This is where Finro adds substantial added-value, with industry-specific variables, growth scenarios, and specific market trends. We deliver expert valuation for startups seeking to raise money, or investors looking to reaffirm their preliminary estimation.