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Experienced. Flexible. Professional.

Finro was founded in 2014 to offer clients an alternative to bureaucratic, high-priced due diligence, valuation, and financial modeling services. Understanding that every situation is different and every client has their own concerns and expectations, Finro’s solutions are customized for every assignment. Finro has managed dozens of financial consulting assignments from clients in virtually every segment of technology. See testimonials for a sampling of satisfied clients.


The Team


Lior Ronen, Founder, CEO

Lior started his career at Intel’s Wireless Division, where he analyzed M&A deals, tech development alternatives, and product investment opportunities. After seven years at Intel, rising to the position of Senior Analyst, he launched Finro in 2014 to offer his expertise to a broad range of clients. Lior is a keen observer of the tech market. He writes about tech market trends, IPOs, public and private companies for Seeking Alpha. In the Finro Tech Insights updates, Lior gives due diligence and financial modeling tips to start-ups and investors. He has counseled pre-IPO stakeholders, IPO investors, hedge fund managers, and many others in a variety of industries, including SaaS, e-commerce, big data, software, hardware, biotech, healthcare, O&G, and aviation.

Lior holds an MBA in finance and financial engineering from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He teaches finance at Tel Aviv University and IDC-Herzliya.


Dr. Yigal Newman, Senior Advisor

Yigal has 19 years of principal investment and capital markets experience. Previously, he was Chief Investment Officer of a registered investment advisor (RIA) with $950 million under management, and Portfolio Manager of $2.5 billion in options and volatility strategies. He also advises investors on issues relating to global capital markets and FinTech. He works closely with Finro on financial analytics and strategy.

 Yigal holds a B.Sc. (cumma sum laude) in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Technion and a Ph.D. in Business administration (Finance) from Stanford Business School. He currently teaches finance at the M.A./MBA level at Tel Aviv University, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and IDC-Herzliya. He has a weekly column on financial markets at TheMarker daily and is a regular contributor to Haaretz.